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ellerkermike's gameplay for Midnight Club: Los Angeles (X360)

ellerkermike earned achievements in Midnight Club: Los Angeles

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ellerkermike said...
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Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Midnight Club: Los Angeles (X360)

Genre/Style: Racing/Sports Car Racing
Release Date: 20/OCT/08
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Does anyone have need club achievement just let me know.
I didn't get into this game and sent it back to gf
@kainebiker Why didn't you like the game?
@OutcastNeedhelp1 Hmmm, many reasons, wasn't impressed with the graphics, I prefer cockpit view for my driving games, I don't like open world driving games, I want a track. I don't like having to drive to the race, I just wanna race. I liked SHIFT and GRID much better haven't tried FORZA, but I haven't heard anything about it that compels me to get it, I have some friends that have it and they were kind of ehhh about it. So far the consensus is that SHIFT has the best overall gameplay and graphics at least for things I look for in a driving game.
I liked Grid and Need for speed shift. What about Pure?
@OutcastNeedhelp1 Havent played PURE or BLUR, I haven't played any driving games in a while. I've been focused on ME2 and badco2
Did you beat Mass effect 2 yet?
@OutcastNeedhelp1 Ok this is a big long story, I've imported 2 characters from 1, both finished, one saved the council the other didnt. These factors along with others changes aspects of ME2. So I finished already with the character that let the council burn, he was a what would I do character.

The second character saved the council and is running as lawful good as possible. He's already maxed out on paragon which gives hime access to all the good conversaition options.

The next task will be a second playthrough with the What Would I do character and bend him total evil to see what those dialogs look like. then I will be done with the game until expansions come out. I've beaten or gotten all addons to date that I'm aware of.
Okay thanks and that mean I need to play the first mass effect game twice.
@OutcastNeedhelp1 yeah if u want to see everything biggest thing is save the council with one and let em burn with the other. changes me2 pretty broadly changes how the aliens view humans
I already did that but I had problem with getting rest of the achievements in both games.I had problem with final part of Mass effect 2 where I have a time limit where I need to open up something.
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